They’re “YUMMY… all the way to the WICK!”


TRU-LITES Plus Sign Candles

"FOUNTAIN of YOUTH".  POSITIVE way to AGE.  Celebrate how you LOOK and FEEL.  Celebrate YOU!


As a mompreneur, I've developed unique products that will help make the most of life's moments. 

YUM-WICK Chocolate Candles (Patent#10,368,563) have a hand-picked almond "wick" --we hand pour every drop of rich and smoothe, couverture (pure) Belgian dark, milk and white chocolate--we hand mix color combination and hand paint each and every candle design in our NY factory.  We separate our dairy from dark chocolate according to Kashrut (Kosher) practices by popular request so that Everyone can enjoy a Yum-Wick moment.

Want to experience a Yum-Wick?  IT'S EASY! THERE ARE NO STRINGS OR WAX ... JUST LIGHT THE NUT "WICK" (like a regular wax candle), BLOW IT OUT and EAT IT ALL! YUM-WICKS WON'T DRIP!

Your yummy, candy candles self-extinguish in less than a minute so Everyone--even babies, the elderly
(and  a new NON-CHOCOLATE, edible candle just for pets!)--  now have the perfect photo op!  Re-light for a longer lasting flame! 
YUM-WICKs are: "YUMMY...all the way to the WICK!"
What are TRU- LITES  Plus Sign Party Candles (Patent#D542945)?  They are hand poured, wax formed, hand painted "Fountain of Youth" candles, created so you could light them up and TRUTHFULLY celebrate how you look and feelThere's no "?" about how old you are! Be "25+ yrs. old, 55+ yrs old..." your options are endless!  It's YOUR moment.
Now, Hot Choc-Eez: Candy Cocoa Kit (Patents Pending) is a family affair where the company's namesakes: Zara and Aaron decided that as teenage kids, they should take the lead with a kid-friendly product...and they did!  Zara designed the logo and packaging while Aaron took over the developmental and marketing for the product.  I'm so proud!
 At Zaron Party Candles, it is always our pleasure to serve you!
"Everyday's a party...with Zaron."