Our Story

Like most multi-tasking moms, I was doing too much one day and accidentally burned something...almonds!  The beautiful flame looked like a candle so I started to think about what goes with nuts...CHOCOLATE!  I worked tirelessly to get your yummy Yum-Wick Chocolate Party candles to look and taste its best and from our customers' feedback, I'm so glad it shows.


We use only the best smooth, couverture chocolate and carefully select the freshest almonds for our chocolate candles.  The same love and care goes into producing the best Non-Chocolate Yum-Wick Completely Edible Pet candles and Tru-Lites Plus Sign Candles so you can be "25+". "55+", etc. and we can't wait to hear your thoughts.


You talk...we listen.  We observe the laws of kashrut, separating the dairy from the pareve/dark chocolate for your religious and dietary kosher needs.


As always, we appreciate your reviews and comments on our site and hope to hear from you on all of our social media platforms.


It's our pleasure to serve you!